The end of Time

Some say, that the world should have ended back in the winter when the snow was still covering the ground, preparing it for this spring’s flowers. Other people say that the Worlds End Wheelend of time or the end of the world, may never come. The truth is, none of us really know when the end of the world will be, or the end of our time here. However, not knowing does not stop us all from being obsessed with the end of the world.

There are so many books, movies, and tv shows about life for those that survive the ‘end’ or a ‘great war’.  Sims, also pop up all over the grid, with ideas about what the end of the world will bring. So, what do you think the end of the world will be?

I have been to the ‘end of the world’ a few times, but my favorite so far has been the re-creation of Lucia Genesis’ ideal.

The sim is called, ‘The World’s end Garden‘, which is located on the Worlds End Garden Sim.  When you first arrive, you are surrounded by a garden, which has been over taken, with no one to care for it, and trim back the flowers, so they have spread all over, covering it with leaves, flowers, and vines. As you wander through, you’ll find a door, a white which will take you to a whole other part of the world.

beautygarden hauntedWhereas the garden relaxes you.. it makes you smile and touches you in a deep place, just looking at all the over run flowers and vines, the next part touches you in a much deeper, darker place.  You’ll be taken to an abandoned place. Where even the tables are sitting with glasses of wine, or knocked over chairs as if a big gust of wind took them out. The buildings are on there last legs, and the lover’s boats in a shallow ocean, seem forgotten.

It’s an emotional, and well thought out creation, one that I believe should not be over looked, it’s amazing for just a nice day of looking around and exploring, so stop on by!

Slurl to Garden:

Slurl to the Abandoned End:

and it may be the end of the world, but make sure you don’t forget your camera!


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