There are Giants in the Sky

We’ve all grown up hearing tales of stories, that could never possibly be true, and than we grew up and entered a world- that couldn’t be true either. A world that is based, simply off the human mind, Our thoughts created into things. Stories we grew up with- brought to life!  Now to be honest, it was never one of my favorite’s but I’m sure you have all heard the tale of Jack and his Beanstalk?

A young boy, needs to sell his cow for money. Jack is a naive boy and he comes across an old man on the road while on his way to market. The old man tells Jack, that he will buy his cow from him… with some magical beans. Jack takes the beans home and tries to explain to his mother that they are magical beans. All his mother sees are normal… everyday… non magical beans.  She scolds Jack, and tosses the beans out into the yard.  The next day, Jack wakes and finds tall beanstalks have grown from the beans over night. Beanstalks so tall that they towered into the clouds.

Have you ever wanted to see a Beanstalk that tall? Or better yet… climb a beanstalk? Climb it way up into the sky? Into the clouds? I never knew I did, until the idea was proposed to me one day when I was sitting around bored. Now I find myself taking trips weekly to climb the 80 meter beanstalk that resides in Second Life.

If you ever find yourself on the Welsh sim, you might be drawn to the side of a healthy green beanstalk sitting in the middle on it’s own little island. Bean Stalk Blog Picture  This is no everyday beanstalk! It’s a unique piece of second life history! The climbable beanstalk was created by Second Life’s first Resident, Steller Sunshine, Who’s account was created in 2002.

I have been told, that the Beanstalk is also Second Life’s first official build, and has been on display for all these years, although it has moved to a few different homes over the years!

This bean stalk also comes with a unique challenge for those that love to try new things! This is what is written about the challenge by Steller Sunshine:

Climb the stalk!

This is a climbable challenge, do you want to take it?

Practice and if you get good and can prove to me you can make it to the top and not fall I will pay you $500.

No flying allowed. No scripts can assist. Thats right pure skill only! =0) Use jump and walk to make it to the top, yes it can be done!

To take the $500 challenge you need to make an appointment w/me and I must be present or one of my assistants who is available (Dawson Murphy).

You are welcome to practice anytime. =0)

Have fun!!!!

~Steller Sunshine

If this seems like your type of thing, Stop on by! The Beanstalk has given me hours of fun and amusement. If you are not really a climber.. or a jumper, But you love SL, this is a unique piece of resident history, that should not be over looked, I hope you enjoy! The Beanstalk can be located here:

and has always, Have fun! Explore! and Never forget your Camera!